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International Patient Assistance

We are pleased to report that ALL MEDICAL SERVICES offered by The Fertility Institutes are offered to patients that live in all countries and locations, both local and International.

Through our network of over 240 associated U.S. and international fertility centers, we are able to provide patients from all states and nations the ability to take advantage of the unique services available at the Fertility Institutes. In many instances, by working with our associates near your home, we can arrange for the early part of your treatment with us to begin at your home, considerably shortening the length of time you need to spend with us for the final part of your treatment.

Unlike many other centers, we do NOT impose a "foreign patient" additional financial surcharge on any of the services we provide to those that reside at a distance from any of our centers.

In the Media

Reuters: Health
More than half of all patients crossing borders for reproductive care do so to evade the law of their home country.
Should doctors help infertility patients who cross borders for care?

What Does this Mean For You?

  • All services, including our renown gender selection and egg donor and surrogate services are available to ALL, regardless of the location of your residence.

  • In full compliance with all United States non-discrimination statutes, all of our services remain available to all, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation or country of residence.

  • We maintain a full service, readily available travel and accommodation service agency that can assist you with travel arrangements, lodging, transportation and any other need that you may have. The travel agents have worked with us for many years and are aware of the special needs that many of our visiting patients have. They are expert at assuring that your visit goes smooth and easy for you.

  • We are able to provide documents and assistance with United States travel visa requirements.

  • We are able to assist with TRANSLATION SERVICES upon request so that an experienced medical translator can accompany you to any of your medical visits with us.

  • We have in-house International attorney legal services available for those that may be considering the use or egg donors, sperm donors or gestational surrogates.

Please feel free to inquire about any of the services listed on this website comfortable in the knowledge that ALL of these services are available to you!

International Travel Assistance

For assistance with travel plans please contact our travel agent:

Sandy Flemming
1-800-660-0828  (Toll free)
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